Jobs for Teens

First Jobs for Teens

For a teenager, finding that first job can sometimes be a scary and difficult process. As a teen with no or little real world work experience, you may be concerned that you won't qualify for many jobs, or that there aren't many jobs available to teens. You'll find, though, that many employers hire teens with little or no work experience.  Your grades, school activities, club memberships, volunteer activities and many other personal traits can demonstrate characteristics and qualities that employers look for.  An after-school part time job, or a weekend job can be a good first step into the working world.

The upcoming holiday season will provide many job opportunities for part time work. Several retailers have already announced plans to hire at least 25,000 seasonal employees this year: Toys "R" Us, Walmart, Kohl’s, Target and Macys.

Kohl's, KMart, Chick-fil-A, Apple Stores, and AMC Theaters are just some of the many employers that offer flexible hourly and that are willing to hire teens to fill their open positions. Using your youthful energy, ingenuity and determination, you can still find plenty of jobs that are available to teens.

When summer gets here, you can work more hours and take on more responsibilities that will help you establish job experience.  Seasonal Jobs, such as around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are also a great time for teens to make some extra money.  Now that you're getting older, cool-aid stands, raking leaves and walking the neighbor's dog may not be making you as much money as you'd like. 

Retail and service companies need more people to work over the summer months and during the holidays. Summer jobs often open doors for jobs during the holiday season. Be sure to keep in touch with previous employers, as that may help you get hired again for future jobs. Part time jobs for teens can also lead to full time employment and even future careers. Some jobs for teens even include on-the-job training that will help you get started in your new position, or even start to develop a career. Teen jobs help build and demonstrate self responsibility, reliability, a good work ethic, and work experience that will pay off later in life.

Getting a Teen Job

If this is not your first job, you should start to develop a resume that shows your job history and work experience. In the early stages of your working life, you can also highlight your scholastic achievements, club memberships and social activities that demonstrate characteristics beneficial to this job. You'll definitely be one step ahead of most of your friends when you walk into a job interview and hand them a resume including your work history and your current skill set. A current resume is also a good way to maintain a record of the jobs you've held. If you've held summer jobs or holidays jobs in the past, make sure to list them on your resume, along with your responsibilities and accomplishments in these positions.

Most jobs will require you to go through at least a brief interview before you are hired. For this interview you should dress neatly, be well groomed, and be prepared to tell someone:

  • Why you want the job.
  • Most employers will understand that you're just trying to make some extra money, but if you can explain how getting this job will help you develop yourself, or even benefit others, then you'll be ahead of the game.
  • What skills you have that will allow you to perform this job successfully.
  • Are you the one that your friends are always asking for computer help, do you organize and run a club or committee at school, or are you just really good with people? Now's the chance to explain what you're good at, and why you will be successful at this job.
  • Why they should pick you over other candidates.
  • Talk about your strengths and explain why you are their best choice for this position. In addition to your qualifications and technical skills, your friendly attitude, outgoing nature, or skills with people will make you a more attractive candidate for most any job.
  • When are you available to work?
  • Many jobs will have requirements for a certain number of hours, or number of days to work per week.
  • How long you intend to stay with this job.
  • Employers understand that teenagers can only work for certain periods of time, such as during the summer, until they leave for college, or other factors.

For information on resumes, interviewing and more see our tips on how to get a job.

Some popular companies that offer part time jobs for teens are Home Depot, AMF Bowling, AMC Theaters, Chick-fil-A, and Kohl's. There are 1,000's of jobs for teens such as office jobs, automotive jobs, theater jobs, food service, retail, hardware jobs, administrative jobs, and many more! Before you know it, summer will be here, so don't delay! It's never too early to start looking into possible summer jobs.  Summer jobs are a great way to earn some extra money while you're out of school or while you're taking a light load of classes.

You should also check local job resources, such as your newspaper, schools and libraries in your job search. Don't forget to "ask around" too, as your friends and relatives may know of companies that are hiring teens.

Benefits of Jobs for Teens

Aside from the extra income, getting a job as a teenager can also help you decide what type of career you would like to pursue. Part time jobs for teens can help you gain experience and also "get a feel" for the type of job you'd like to have in the future. You will also be better prepared to choose what kind of training classes to take, or which college degree that you will need to help you pursue a particular career.

Jobs for teens are primarily part time, and may allow you to work as many hours as you are legally allowed.  Federal and state laws restrict the number of hours teens under 16 can spending working during a week.  Be sure you understand the requirements of the job, and that the employer knows how much time you are willing and available to work.  Even if you will only be working for this employer for a short time, such as a part time summer job, establishing a good work record will make coming back for future jobs, such as Thanksgiving jobs or Christmas holiday jobs, a lot easier.

Employers like to re-hire teens with a good work history. A part time summer job or holiday job may be temporary work, but it could lead to bigger and better things! Always try to leave on good terms with your employers, so that they can provide a good reference for you to use in your next summer, holiday or even full time job search.

Some good part time jobs for teens are:

Retail Jobs Food Service Jobs Warehouse Jobs
Computer Jobs Companion Jobs Delivery Jobs
Theater Jobs Clerk Jobs Restaurant Jobs

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